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۱۵ Compounds for Life Extension – [Current Research]


15 Compounds for Life Extension – [Current Research]

[Image Source: Steffen Boelaars]

A few weeks ago I learned about a crowd-funded project on the topic of longevity. Maria Konovalenko is a Ph.D. student of Biology of Aging from the University of Southern California and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She and her team want to create a comprehensive book, Longevity Cookbook, that will help people live as long and as healthy as possible. The project was successfully funded on June 16, 2015. They raised $ 57,770.

The table of contents of this book lists chapter titles like: ‘Longevity genetic engineering’, ‘Aging, inflammation, immune response’, ‘Personalized nutrition’, ‘Geroprotectors’, ‘Microbiome’, and many other catchy headlines.

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