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This website shows all things about how a car works


This website shows all things about how a car works

There is now a dedicated new “how to” online resource for enthusiasts and those who aspire to be mechanics, to learn more about how a car works.

[Image Source : HowaCarWorks]

The “how to” guide has been prepared with the single goal to explain how cars work, from the basics, to more technical guides and illustrations on each individual compartment of the car, down to cooling systems, suspension, transmission and accessories.

The “how to” guide is broken up into a collective volume of hundreds of individual guides, written up with detailed illustrations and easy to read step-by-step instructions on subjects as far-ranging as how to adjust the alignment on wheels, how to fix a reversing light, how to install an oil temperature gauge, and even car modifications such as how to fit a sunroof.

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