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۱۶ Harvard students just perfected the BBQ smoker


16 Harvard students just perfected the BBQ smoker

Barbecuing is a long, exhaustive process, that requires two parts babysitting and three parts intuition. BBQ pit masters take pride in their art form while other normal people are intimidated by the entire process. That is what a team of harvard students aimed to tackle in their Engineering Problem Solving and Design (ES96). The goal of the required class is to design, construct, and test a solution to a real-world problem. While BBQ doesn’t seem to be dividing social structures, its is exclusive to a certain type of culinary artistry and the team of students intended to control “the risk of the artistic component so that other people can participate.”

The smoker itself looks like a cross between a bowling pin and a chimney with a modern polish of something you would find at sharper image.

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