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Jaguar officially announces return to racing with Formula E


Jaguar officially announces return to racing with Formula E

We we are happy to hear our own speculations were proven to be correct. Jaguar just came out, officially announcing their involvement in this season’s Formula E – electric automobile racing. When we circulated the rumors last week we had it on pretty decent credibility that this was happening but Jaguar Land Rover wanted to keep it under wraps until they revealed a riveting piece of information to carry out the news.

Now as stated before this is not Jaguar’s first tiff with Formula racing, “competing in F1 until 2004. Under the ownership of Ford by then, they sold the team to Red Bull, which is doing quite well with multiple championships under its belt.”

The Trulli Formula E team is withdrawing from competition completely after some unfortunate finishes and failure to pass pre-race inspection, which opens up a spot for Jaguar Land Rover, but this is a whole new ball game for them.

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