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Human Empathy For Robot Pain?


Human Empathy For Robot Pain?

Back in 2008, Glen Mazis, Professor of Humanities and Philosophy at Penn State, Harrisburg, published a book titled, ‘Humans, Animals, Machines – Blurring Boundaries.’ Therein, Mazis wrote, “Like the purring of the machine, operating smoothly, the quiet pulsing of the healthy human body reassures in a similar rhythm.” It’s an interesting thought, one that speaks to the boundaries between man and machine, and to some degree, to the anthropomorphism of machines. That trend is amply evident in our modern world, virtually every day. People name their cars, cell phones, boats, bicycles – even farm equipment gets a moniker if it’s been around long enough – Then you’ve got fictional creatures, from HAL to the Terminator, and Transformers to I Robot.

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