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DIY Halloween costume ideas for engineers


DIY Halloween costume ideas for engineers

Halloween is just around the corner, and we all know how difficult it can be to find a creative costume at the last minute. So here are some very original (and affordable) DIY costume ideas we gathered from the internet to inspire the engineer in you to get to work just in time for trick or treating.

 Mad Cyborg – part human part dead computers [Mario Caicedo Langer]


 LED light-up jellyfish costume [Anthony Goh]

 [ www.mentalfloss.com]

Transformer Bumblebee [cockeyed.com]




 Space Oddity […PHOTON…/FLICKR]

 Rubik’s cube [thebensonstreet.com]

 Astronaut [Jason Ruff/ Flickr]

 Tetris group costume [instructables.com]

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