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New carbon capture plant makes fuel from air


New carbon capture plant makes fuel from air

 [Image Source: Technology Review]

This week marked the opening of new “pilot” fueling plant in the coastal town of Squamish, British Columbia. But this plant is not like any other fuel making plant. This plant is responsible for pioneering a completely new industry of refining fuels needed for transportation utilizing the carbon dioxide captured from air. If its sounds a little too good to be true, Technology Review explains,

“It’s not designed for or capable of measurably reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Rather, the motivation is to produce fuels for transportation applications, such as jet aircraft and heavy-duty trucks and buses”

David Keith, the founder of Carbon Engineering and the company that built the pilot plant states that once the plant is at its full efficiency, their system will be able to strip about one ton of carbon dioxide per day.

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