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How to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector


You probably never thought that your old CD cases might come in so handy. However with some common household items, you can actually turn your phone into a hologram projector. Remember how Star Wars teased us with their holograms like the one in the picture below? How about you make yours too?


Star Wars Hologram [Image Courtesy of International Business Times]

The attractive thing with this hologram projector you’re about to see is that it is very simple to create. All you need to do is follow five simple steps. But first of all, here is the list of equipment you will need.


  1. A graph paper
  2. CD case
  3. Pen
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. A glass cutter or utility knife

Now carefully follow the following steps in order to make your home-made hologram projector.

Step 1

Draw the following figure on a graph paper carefully. Notice the dimensions and draw accordingly. Feel free to scale the dimensions if you want to make a bigger or smaller version of the hologram projector.


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]

Next, using a pair of scissors, cut out the rhombus shape as shown below.


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]

Step 2

Break off the edges of the CD case to make a nice, flat and transparent piece of plastic. Please note that if the CD case has too many scratches, the quality of the hologram might decrease.


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]

Step 3

Take the rhombus-shaped graph paper you just cut out and place it on the plastic. Carefully trace the shape of the rhombus over the plastic and use a utility knife or glass cutter to cut out the rhombus shape from the plastic. Once you’re done, cut out three more rhombus-shaped pieces of plastic from the CD case to make a total of four.


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]


Step 4

Connect the four pieces together as shown in the figure below using a tape or any form of glue. Once you have done this, your hologram projector is ready by now.


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]

Step 5

Now that your hologram projector is ready, search for a hologram video on Google or Youtube. You can simple type “hologram video” in the search bar or anything similar would work. Hologram videos are actually a special kind of videos that are specifically made to be viewed on a hologram projector like the one we have just made.

Once you have found a video you like, open if in landscape mode on your smartphone and place your hologram projector on the screen as shown below. Finally get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy your show.


[Image Courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss]

For a more descriptive guide on how you can make your own hologram projector, have a look at the video below. Video credit goes to Mrwhosetheboss.

Source: Digital Trends



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