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Concorde might return to the skies thanks to a fan-club



Retired since 2003, the Concorde supersonic jet will return to the skies, at least as long as it relies on its group of fans with loads of cash in hand. The Concorde Club – which includes the aircraft’s former pilots, frequent flyers and others aviation enthusiasts – has big plans to get the aircraft flying again.

According to “The Telegraph“, the club intends to buy two units of the aircraft. One of them will be exhibited in London by 2017, on a platform on the Thames, as part of a tourist attraction that will include a restaurant that will have on the menu dishes served in the Concorde flights. To fund the purchase, the group claims to have £۴۰ million available.


But the other Concorde, which the group wants to see taking off by ۲۰۱۹, will require more work and – consequently – more money. The club says it has access to reserve fund worth £۱۲۰ millions to buy and renovate the Concorde exposed in La Bourget airport in Paris. When it’s ready to fly again, the Concorde would be used for special events, private chartering and demonstrations at air shows.

The date chosen for the possible return of the Concorde to the skies was not random, it marks the 50th anniversary of the inaugural supersonic flight in 1979. If successful, the club doesn’t rule out possibility of purchasing yet another jet to fly.

After nearly three decades of service, operated by British Airways and Air France, the Concorde ended its history in 2003. The history of the Concorde was also marked by tragedy. In July 2000, the Air France supersonic jet crashed on a hotel shortly after taking off from Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. A total of 113 people were killed, among which were all the passengers and crew and four people who were on the ground.

Via: The Telegraph

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