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Watch a microwave oven make plasma!



Of all the appliances in your home, your microwave oven is potentially the most dangerous one. The YouTube channel Kreosan, recorded a magnetron (the component that generates the microwaves) in action to show us the real power of the microwave oven. You can see incandescent bulbs begin to melt, since the gas present inside it heats up to the point of becoming plasma. It’s also possible to easily observe the pattern of the waves passing through the object for a few seconds before it simply explodes.

The effect on fluorescent lamps is a little different, but not less impressive. This is because, although they also begin to melt after a long exposure, the microwaves are able to give so much energy to the lamp that it lights up much brighter than they normally would.

Indeed, the destructive potential of a microwave oven is so big that China has come to develop a ray gun using the same principles to boil the water in the human body and inflict unbearable pain. If you thought the most a microwave oven could do was heat up last night’s pizza, then check out the video to see how powerful this appliance really is.

Via: Sploid

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