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Watch a Taser being fired on bare skin in slow motion


The Slow Mo Guys went to the city of Scottsdale, in the American state of Arizona, to check out the headquarters of the Taser manufacturer.

The model used in the video is an X-26 cartridge and the weapon is called IEM or “Air Taser”. It is shaped like a pistol and fires two electrodes which release an electrical discharge for a few seconds on the target.

Since it all happens extremely fast, a special camera was used to record it in slow motion. Did you know that the taser shoots too small pieces of paper with the serial number of the weapon, so that you can identify who was the shooter?

The first test is on a wall, but the second reaches a human target – and the video clearly shows the electrodes slowly reaching the volunteer’s back and “sticking” to it to perform the electrical discharges in addition to the contraction of the affected muscles. It’s definitely not as fun in real life as it is to look at in action movies.

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