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Friends get together to turn illegal dump into an ecological park in Rio


Most people can hardly imagine how a garbage dump could one day turn into such a beautiful park. But Brazilian musician Mauro Quintanilla could not only imagine that to be possible, but go ahead to do it himself, after neighboring an illegal dump at the top of Vidigal Hill, in Rio de Janeiro for 25 years. He would watch the routine of the place, where large amounts of waste were accumulated every day, with some indignation, until he decided to take action.


With the help of a few friends, Quintanilla formed a group to remove the trash from the site. It took them five years to remove 16 tons of garbage from the area, which was named Sitiê Ecological Park. It the originated a community project that combined reforestation, recycling and urban agriculture.

Today, the 8500 m² park still carries a bit of that garbage, which was recycled to become steps and plant pots. The vegetables and fruits grown in the site is given to the surrounding community. The view from the ecological park looks over beautiful neighborhoods such as Ipanema and Copacabana.

The project was even recognized with the SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design earlier this year. Take a look at how it turned out:

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Images source: Parque Ecológico Sitiê

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