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A train that circles around the earth! Coming soon?


Revolution in travel has always been a curious topic to all of us. Well this time it’s about an infinite model of a toy train! As to begin with, HO or H0 is the most popular scale model railway in the world. This continuous spiral of tracks was designed by a model train enthusiast James Risner who seems to have developed an endless bidirectional model of the trains. A hypnotic spiral of motion is created as the trains travel on forward at a surprisingly quick speed. If you observe closely, you will notice the differences between angular and linear velocity! All cars go the same speed ALONG the track, but inner cars go faster around the apparent circle which generates the so called hypnotic spiral. Another important observation you would make from the video is that that not a single car makes a full circuit. It gets quite close once or twice but then they would stop and send it in the opposite direction.

A birds eye view of another similar hypnotic loop. Courtesy- MentalFloss

What this means in terms of revolutionizing travel is (if you could imagine) a flying train which circles around the earth, falls down because of the gravity and rises up due to its momentum. No more long tired long flights and no more expensive gas burners. Well before that would you consider building a replica of the same at your home? Your kids are gonna love this cool toy!

Via: Thisiscolossal

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