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E-Kaia uses energy from a plant to charge your phone


In the near future, you may resource to a potted plant to charge your cellphone or your tablet. The “E-Kaia”, a device created by three young engineers from Chile relies only on a plant to get enough power to charge your devices and has been considered a sustainable alternative for mobile users.


As unbelievable as it seems, the charger works by simply “plugging” it into a vase. As the E-Kaia is still under patent registration process, their creators do not reveal many details of its operation.

But even with so many secrets, industrial engineer Carolina Guerrero, computing engineer Camila Rupish and electronic engineer Evelyn Aravena were able to prove the efficiency of their invention. The mechanism works like a circuit that generates 5 volts at 600 milliamps and connects to gadgets via a USB cable. During the process of photosynthesis, plants produce organic material that converts light energy into chemical energy. Around the roots, the micro-organisms are responsible for processing the energy that the plant uses for growth and to generate electrons as secondary products. The device captures these electrons that the plant doesn’t use – therefore the plant is not afffected – to generate the energy that the equipment needs. This power can charge a smartphone in around an hour and a half.

Via: Daily Mail

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