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The Top Types of Companies Video Conferencing Benefits


Video conferencing is becoming a booming industry with more and more businesses opting into it. It has so many benefits from business, from helping employees from different areas of the globe work together to letting some employees work productively at home. It’s a great investment for any type of work, but what are the industries that get the most out of it? While services like Cisco video conferencing through BlueJeans can help a multitude of different types of businesses, there are a few that are especially benefited by this technology.


Video conferencing in medicine, also called telemedicine or telehealth, is growing in popularity, and the benefits that are showing from it prove that this is an industry that needed it. Never before has health care been so widely available and easy to get, and telemedicine is making it easier while increasing the quality of care.


For starters, it’s easier for patients to get to see a doctor to talk about health issues when time or travel constraints get in the way. So many patients have to wait to get in with their doctor, whether because they can’t make the earliest time available or because they have no way to get to the office. Video conferencing can get you the chance to see a doctor sooner to talk about your symptoms and decide whether you need an office visit or if the doctor can diagnose over the video and get you the medicine you so badly need.

It’s a way for patients to get second opinions easier and faster as well. This is especially important for patients who may not have many options in their city. Rather than traveling for hours to see another doctor, they can get onto a video conference with a doctor who can look at their chart and tests to give them their take on what might be going on.

Video conferencing services are extremely useful for helping doctors work together. They can better collaborate on video as they share images and tests than they could through the phone. It reduces the need to transfer patients just because a specialist isn’t in the hospital, and gives the patients better care all around.

This is just a small list of the many benefits of video conferencing for the Healthcare industry. It could easily be one of the top best businesses for telepresence.


The education industry is another one that has big benefits through the introduction of video conferencing, from grade school up to university. The possibilities are vast for education institutions using this type of technology.

Solutions Industry Education

In the lower grades, it opens up how children can be taught. It’s possible to take virtual field trips to places all over the globe with this video technology. It takes less time and money to set up a virtual field trip, and gives the schools and teachers more options of where they can take the children for learning.

Have you ever had an expect brought into your classroom to talk about the field they specialize in? That takes a lot of planning, expenses, and travel to do. Many schools miss out on this because it would be too expensive. Video conferencing takes out a lot of the travel and expenses, while also making planning much shorter and easier to do. Now experts can talk to classes through a computer screen while still being able to interact and answer questions. It’s better than previously recorded because it engages the children better and they learn more when they are part of the process.

This type of service can allow teachers to record some of their lessons, making it easier to play back later if necessary. Perhaps a child has to miss an important lesson. Being able to share a video of the lessons helps the child not miss out on as much because they are sick or have a doctor’s appointment.

At the high school and university levels, this takes online courses to a new level. Students can go to a lecture or class using video conferencing technology. It cuts down on commute time and cost while letting them take the courses they need for their degree with greater ease.


The last section on our list is the hospitality industry. Video conferencing services like BlueJeans can help businesses connect to their customers better, making them feel important and valued. Hotels and entertainment venues can include virtual tours or live demos with staff members while being able to answer questions for customers.

Hotels that have these services can rent them out to companies in their conference rooms too, giving the customers a chance to use them for small fees. Some businesses might prefer to go to a hotel that can rent services like that to them for their conferences and work trips.

Hospitality is all about happy customers, and customers feel more valued when they can have face to face contact with the businesses.

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