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Is Ghostcubes the best interlocking wood cube design ever?


Ghostcubes is it’s name and it is absolutely fantastic. It is an interlocking wood cube design created by Swedish designer, Erik Aberg. There have been many interlocking wood cubes before but not like this one. The design of Ghostcubes is so unique that it looks like a work of art. The picture below should help give you a perspective of what it looks like.

Ghostcubes demonstration

Ghostcubes demonstration [Image Courtesy of Inspire Amaze]

Think of origami, the japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures, it is actually something similar to that. This time however, wooden cubes are used rather than paper. The nature of its design makes it possible to create an indefinite amount of shapes and structures. The design of Ghostcubes also allows it to twist, fold and turn in the most unique and fascinating way imaginable.

Origami Yoda

The Origami Yoda, this is. Admire this, you shall [Image Courtesy of Inhabitat]

The designer posted a video demonstrating how Ghostcubes worked. We were mind-blown at what we saw and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Is this possibly the best ever interlocking wood design there is?

Source: Sciencedump

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