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Your childhood was a lie: Claw machines are rigged!


Remember those claw machines filled with plush toys that were very popular in the 90’s? Have you actually managed to ever score a prize? If not, just know that you were not alone. And the problem is not your lack of ability, those claw machines are actually rigged.


All those coins you spent throughout your childhood in numerous attempts to beat the machine and manage to catch a stuffed animal were really not your fault. A recent research revealed that the mechanism of these machines can be manipulated to have a grip strong enough to “grab” the object only part of the time.


The machines are regulated according to the owner’s preference: if they set the claw to maintains its strength in only 10% of the attempts, that’s exactly how it’s going to happen. So your chances of winning a prize depends not on luck or skill, but the programming of the machine and the owner’s choice on how fair or unfair they want to make the game.


Founded in the US in the 1950’s, the claw machines have spread around the world entertaining (or tricking) children. In the video you can learn more about the history of these machines and understand its mechanism, if it hasn’t become clear yet that the best thing to do is stay away from them.

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