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Pepper the robot gets all emotional


Pepper the robot comes from designers Softbank and Aldabaran and they say their robot is going to become a game changer as they have given it all the technology it needs in order for it to interact with human beings when in social settings. The latest technology they have given the robot allows it to get emotional.


[Image Courtesy of ExtremeTech]

The designers are calling Pepper the robot the world’s first emotionally intelligent robot and it can come up with witty and even well timed phrases. The robot is able to recognise emotions and makes use of techniques that are novel. While you may think that robots don’t need to show emotions it could come in handy in situations where a robot becomes a caregiver.

Recognising emotions is not the easiest thing even in human beings with some humans failing to recognise signs of emotion in others. For instance those with autism are said to be blind to emotion and often have a great deal of difficulty in reading the expressions of other people. Softbank is not giving away the algorithms and secrets to how they made Pepper the robot have emotions, but it has been suggested that it could be a type of deep neural network.

Pepper the robot is connected up to a cloud and this feeds data from sensors to the clusters on a server and this is where the majority of the processing takes place. It also means that the algorithms that make Pepper have emotions should get better and make improvements over time. It is looking as though even though finances are indicating that the robot could be a loss making venture, they are going ahead and using the robot as a way of perfecting emotion recognition.

But what do you think? Are they going too far in giving a robot emotions?

Via [ExtremeTech]

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