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Hawaii plans to turn old buses into shelter for the homeless


The architecture firm Group 70 International is planning to turn old city buses into temporary shelters for homeless people in Honolulu, Hawaii. The idea is to use the renovated buses to work in fleets to provide shelter, showers and recreation for the homeless.

“We’re fitting some out to be bathrooms and showers, we’re fitting some out to be sleeping areas, and the design completely folds away like a little Japanese tatami mat,” Ma Ry Kim, one of the members of Group 70 International and creator of the project, told Hawaii News. “It’s completely organic, and we when we started did not even realize number one what a need there was for this, and number two how people can benefit from it…but mostly how many people want to help.”

Kim explained that it can be built entirely by a team of volunteers. “The entire design is based on the premise that you could walk in to a hardware store, buy everything you need in one go and build everything with no trade skills.”

LIFT, the organization that is voluntarily helping to run the project, hopes to two buses by the end of this summer.

Source: Hawaii News

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