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The Gravity Light lamp doesn’t need fuel, batteries or the sun to power it


There are numerous developing countries that do not have electricity and the people living there have to rely on kerosene lamps when the sun goes down. However kerosene isn’t known for burning cleanly and of course there is the risk of causing a fire should the lamp get knocked over. This could soon become a worry in the past as a team of designers have come up with the Gravity Light lamp.


[Image Courtesy of Gravity Light]

The Gravity Light lamp only relies on gravity to make it work. It doesn’t need the rays of the sun to power it, no electricity and no batteries. This means that there are no harmful energy sources and the lamp is completely safe and reusable.

The Gravity Light works on a pulley system that is very simple to use. An 11 kg weight is hoisted up via a beaded cord and when the weight is at the top of the pulley it can be released and this allows it to descend very slowly. As it drops down the beaded cord goes through a connected train and this lights up the LED. When the weight has reached the floor, a process that takes around 20 to 30 minutes, it can be hoisted back up again and the light is lit again.

The light is in version 2.0 as a trial batch of them got released last year in around 30 countries. However version 1.0 didn’t last for 20 to 30 minutes and the light it emitted wasn’t as bright. At the moment the Gravity Light is raising funds on Indiegogo and the designers are hoping to raise $ 199,000. Right now they have raised a little over half of this.

Via [Gravity Light]

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