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SarvCRM will revolutionize the concept of CRM in Iran


We have heard a lot about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and I bet you have seen that at least one time in your work life or maybe you are already using it at your company.

So, Let us see the definition of CRM in Wikipedia: “It is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.”

There are also big companies in the world that provide CRM solutions like SugarCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP Business ByDesign.

But what about Iran? Many companies have bought a pirated or a development version of such international CRM platforms and they buy them without any support, official training and know how to deploy the solution correctly.

SarvCRM is an Iranian cloud-based CRM system based on SugarCRM that wants to bring international experience to Iran and it wants to change the local understanding of CRM.  Over two years of development, enhancing SugarCRM base with modules meeting local needs and changing the architecture to deliver a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, is what sets SarvCRM apart from other players in Iran.  Because of its SaaS delivery model, SarvCRM gets deployed with the objective of increasing user adoption rate.  Above all, the team behind SarvCRM works with the client to not only introduce technology improvements, but also improvements across process, policy and employee culture so that the business is enabled to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Farhad Bazadeh, the founder of SarvCRM, who was a CRM Senior Manager at Accenture, brought his experiences of working with enterprise customers of Accenture like Bank of America, AT&T, Microsoft and Cisco to SarvCRM.  He claims that there are many companies in Iran that are selling just the software and are not experienced in helping clients to address their CRM challenges.

Farhad Bazadeh(left), Hessam Shafie(right) and and Reza Gozashti (not pictured), founding team of SarvCRM, 7th Iran Startups Meetup, August 19, 2014.Photo by Hoora Vakili.

Bazadeh believes that there are three kinds of competitors in Iran:

  1. Microsoft Excel.
  2. Companies that provide CRM just for the sake of having a CRM application next to their hardware services and are not focus on the solution.
  3. Pirated or development version of CRM softwares.

There are few challenges they are dealing with.  One is the culture of management team and their staffs. Secondly, they have to deal with companies which sell the software for a cheap price, because they see CRM application as a commodity.  People sometimes think that the cheapest price is a better choice but they do not think that a wrong choice may destroy their business.  May you wonder that they do not sell their product to any customer.  They are selective on who they take as a customer. Customers need to have a culture that can deliver on CRM objectives and be tech savvy.  Sometimes they help the client to understand instead of buying a CRM application, it is best to fix other areas in their business.  All customers receive a 14 day trial period so that they can experience the solution before they commit to the monthly payment process.

SarvCRM, hosted on Afranet’s data center, is a major product of Sarveno which is the CRM solution provider side of the business

SarvCRM is now being used by 21 companies in Iran.  They hope that as internet speed improves in Iran, more businesses will be willing to rely on cloud based applications to meet their business objectives. More localized modules are in the works over the coming months. Lastly, they are also open to investors

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