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Ponisha: The Heaven of Iranian Freelancers‏


We would like to turn the pages of recent history to find the background of two main concepts: “Outsourcing” and “Freelancing”. Outsourcing dates back to 1980s when companies experienced a lack of resources and discovered that they are also suffering from a knowledge gap. And, what about freelancing? A freelancer is a self-employed person who is not committing himself to a job long-term. Tada!! You see where I am going with this? The problems of those companies can be solved with the help of freelancers through outsourcing.

There are many international online outsourcing websites such as Freelancer, Odesk, and Elance but Iranians have two major issues with these sites, both as freelancers or as entrepreneurs outsourcing their projects. The first and biggest issue is online money transactions abroad: this process is almost impossible as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal all are closed for Iranians. The second issue is communication. Most Iranians do not speak English well!


Ponisha Main Page

Ponisha Main Page

It is at this particular moment that Ponisha was born. Ponisha is the largest place for freelancers in Iran to get projects done and also to make money. Ponisha was launched in Dec, 2011 to help companies and individuals outsource their projects and hire people for short durations. It is also beneficial for entrepreneurs and startups to outsource technical parts of their projects. Here is  Nima Nourmohammady, the founder of Ponisha:  “Most people usually look for full-time jobs in a company, but I believe freelancing can be a full-time job, and with some training in marketing and negotiation, anyone with any skill could become successful. The benefits are endless. Just imagine there is no boss. In this situation, you can work whenever or wherever you want and on whatever project you desire and still make more money than people with regular employment.”

Currently Ponisha has more than 50.000 freelancers, with 2400 completed projects and a revenue of 5,103,158,949 Rials ($ 157,000) for freelancers. Nourmohammady said that the main goal of Ponisha  is to expand. “Our main and most important target is to reach 1 million registered members. We keep adding features, updates and promotions to keep our customers satisfied. Most Ponisha’s growth comes from our organic growth and we are thankful to our users who keep introducing us to their friends and networks.”

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