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Ripshaw EV2 is the tank that offers luxury


The Peacemaker that was seen in the latest blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road was a modified version of the Ripsaw off the road vehicle from Howe and Howe Technologies in Maine USA. The difference being that the vehicle in the movie featured the body of a car on top of it and the military version comes open-topped. The company has now revealed a new enclosed version of the Ripshaw EV2 and they have described it as being a high end luxury super tank.


[Image Courtesy of Ripsaw]

There isn’t much available about the specs of the Ripshaw EV2 and this is down to the fact that the vehicle can be customised by the buyer. The vehicle is made specifically to the specs of the buyer and this is just one of the ways that the tank is a luxury. It’s not every day that you can have a tank made to your own requirements.


[Image Courtesy of Ripsaw]

What we do know about the Ripshaw EV2 is that is comes with a power winch, has gull wing doors, 12 inches of suspension travel, a light bar that is high intensity and a diesel engine offering 600 horsepower and it’s the fastest dual-tracked vehicle. It also comes with a cabin that would right at home in a Batman movie.


[Image Courtesy of Ripsaw]

The Ripsaw EV2 is going to be made available in a limited edition and each of the vehicles will take around six months to build. There is no price tag on the vehicle but it is expected to be many hundreds of thousands depending on how luxurious you high performance you want it.

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[Image Courtesy of Ripsaw]

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