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Lean Startup Machine in Iran: A Report


Have you heard anything about an event called ‘Lean Startup Machine’? If you have not, let me dive into its story and goals. The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. Lean Startup Machine is a 3-day workshop that teaches you how to build something customers want and run the right experiments to steer your business in the right direction. It teaches entrepreneurs and innovators to start their own companies using Lean Startup methodologies. The workshop is based on framework and principles drawn from Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup.

In three days, participants acquire skills needed to identify, test, and eliminate the barriers to a viable business model. With focus on validation and fail fast succeed faster, our attendee’s progress more in three days than most others do in six months.

Lean Startup Machine has held 150 workshops in 50 cities, across six continents, for over 25,000 aspiring entrepreneurs around the world… and now it’s time for San Francisco to see the largest workshop ever.

In Iran, we had two LSM events so far. In the first event which took place on May 14, 2014 in Tehran, eighteen ideas were pitched and nine of them were selected. Furthermore, this event hosted some international speakers like Andraz Logar, the founder of 3fs from Slovenia and also Grace Ng, the founder of Javelin.com, had a talk via skype. The winners were ‘Sepas(Healthcare System)’ in 1st place, ‘Q-Pay’ in 2nd place and finally ‘WeNote’ in 3rd place.

A couple of months later, the second event of LSM took place on January 21, 2015 in Tehran. Like the previous event, 27 ideas were pitched and 12 of them were selected to organize their team and start their own businesses. The winners of this event were ‘Payapay’ in 1st place, ‘Kodom Bank Beram’ in 2nd place and ‘Offyar’ in 3rd place.

Sponsors and supporters of previous events were Ayandeh Bank, Monetary and Banking Research Institute, eFarda E-Commerce Company, Startup Engine, Iran Startups, StartupTV.

Maybe you noticed that all of previous events have taken place in the capital of Iran. How about other cities? The good news is Lean Startup Machine comes to Shiraz, the capital of Persian Art, Culture and Literature on April 22, 2015. Take a look at the official website in Persian. In a case you cannot read Farsi, you can check the global website or Iran Startups website to know more about previous organizers, speakers and agenda.

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