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The Drumi Washing Machine Works Without Any Electricity


If you live alone or you don’t have a laundry room, a compact washing machine could be a great idea for you. What if in addition to being compact, the machine worked without any electricity? You couldn’t get any more practical and economical than this new washing machine we are about to show you.

The Drumi  is a compact portable washing machine created by Yirego – a Canadian company focused on creating unconventional and sustainable household products. Well, how compact are we talking about? It is only 56cm tall and has a capacity of 5 liters of water, so you can only wash up to seven garments in it, or up to 3 T-shirts, or one pair of pants. It’s not much, of course, but the point here is to offer a small machine that is extremely portable and will fit anywhere.

The real catch to this new washing machine though is the fact that it works without any electricity. For this machine to work all you need is a whole lot of energy to operate its foot pump. It might be kind of tiring but if you think about all the money you are saving on the electricity bill, it may be worth it. Besides, the whole washing process is very quick, you can wash and rinse in only 5 minutes.

This time Yirego took the sustainability issue very seriously, Drumi uses 80%  less water than conventional washing machines and it is made of ۴۰% recycled material. So many innovations were implemented in this product that the company was awarded a Sustainable Design Awards for Drumi in 2013.

But it’s not all wonders just yet, the Drumi is still not available to the public, and it won’t be cheap either. You can pre-order it for US$ 129 or wait until it hits the market next year.

Source: Yirego

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