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How Are Your Visitors Engaging With Your Website?

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Is your website a just a pretty design?  Or is it built for serious engagement?

Many businesses focus on creating a professional website presence but forget about the fact that what they really need is visitor engagement.  Without it your website isn’t doing its job. 

Oftentimes business owners feel that if the information is there then that is enough. But that thought process just doesn’t cut it. Information may be on your website but can get muddled somewhere within the text and if consumers don’t see it, then they won’t engage. To fix this issue, business owners need to utilize the prominence-interpretation theory.

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It may sound like a lot of jargon but the theory basically states that a visitor must first notice an element before they can deem it credible.  If you’re leaving all the important stuff hidden where visitors aren’t finding it then there’s far less chance they’ll engage.

So how do you make sure that your important stuff gets noticed?  By making it prominent. Always remember to keep the most important stuff above the fold, or in the area that viewers can see without scrolling. (There is never a guarantee that visitors will scroll down the page.) Also, make headlines large and bold. These subjects are likely the most important part of your copy and can help pull your readers in to continue reading the content that follows. Another tip is to make call-to-action buttons large and in a color that contrasts with the background to ensure that they won’t be missed. 

When you have your website set up to make the important information stand out, you should focus on measuring how your visitors are interacting with your website.

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Tools such as Qualaroo surveys, Clicktale playback visitor sessions and Crazy Egg heat mapping are all methods to track and analyze visitor engagement. There is also HotJar, an all-in-one packaged solution that not only helps you to engage with visitors, but it also tracks that engagement.

All these solutions provide some sort of engagement tool and allow businesses to analyze the engagement.

So keep in mind, prominence is the key. Whether that’s keeping vital elements above the fold, using large and colorful call to action buttons or headlines that draw attention. Once you have your information displayed prominently, focus on gathering engagement data. 

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