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Who Can Become a Programmer?

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Anyone who can work their head can be a programmer. In fact, working with the head is as hard as hard physical labor. The brain under load consumes a lot of nutrients, energy. He must be forced to work by willpower. Fans of working with their heads can be met no more often than people who like physical activity. We all know how many people can voluntarily do exercises in the mornings and go regularly to the gym for years. About the same amount they want to voluntarily load their brain with work. Will and patience will be required. If you are ready to solve complex problems, “insoluble” problems for more than a year, you can become a programmer.

Of course, in this article, I should have listed what kind of education you should have. What courses, diplomas, and competencies you need to have. But all this is secondary. Because diplomas, competencies, and courses are acquired. If there is no willingness to gnaw at the granite of science, nothing shines on you. Otherwise, you can gain all the necessary knowledge in six months.

It is logical that the better you know the computer, the easier your path will be. You must own a computer as an experienced user. Those. to know what a file system is, in terms of how to store your files there, how to open them with different programs, how to install programs and use any of them, if it does not require any special knowledge about what these programs do. I think for six months you can learn how to use a computer to a sufficient degree. Even if before that, you have never seen him.

Most of those who want to become programmers are computer game lovers to whom their parents turned off the Internet in order to return it to reality. Returning to reality, where you need to feed yourself, and not a virtual character, they are arranged by system administrators, the lowest level. They go to work in technical support, because a computer is the only thing they can use well. Such people already have the necessary knowledge.

If you have difficulty communicating with a computer, my advice to you is to learn how to use it confidently first. If only because of the problems that you will encounter when studying programming require the same approach and skills as when solving the problems of a simple user. Therefore, inexperienced users need to become experienced. There are tons of free literature, interactive courses, video tutorials, and advanced users around to help you. At the very least, the tasks of learning programming are an order of magnitude more complicated than the tasks of a simple user. Good computer skills are the responsibility of any programmer!

The remaining knowledge, such as foreign languages ​​and even mathematics, can be considered insignificant at the initial stage.
Of course, there will be people who ask: “Wait a minute And what if I’m stupid (old, disabled, etc.) What should I have IQ In fact, there is no 100% way to determine your programming abilities based on some formal criteria. If you believe one popular scientist a neurophysiologist, the human brain is very volatile. If the weight, height, size of the main human organs vary, conditionally 50% in the bulk of adults, then the sizes of the brain lobes vary by a factor of ten. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand which activity is best for you. To do this, you need to make a new type of already insanely expensive medical device. Then hire rare and expensive specialists who will analyze the readings of the device. Nor is it a fact that for your money, they simply will not make mistakes. As it happens in all complex and expensive projects, at the initial stage.

Of course, everyone thinks, everything can be reduced to something like an entrance exam at a university, where the main subject will be mathematics. And no! I hasten to upset everyone. Mathematics is similar to programming from the outside, but this is only at first glance. I remember that 10 years ago I read an excerpt from a book where the author, an experienced programmer, said that programming is more like linguistics. Yes Yes! In his opinion, professional linguists can be better programmers than professional mathematicians! I can not agree with 100%. But there is a rational grain in this.

Let’s look at an example. You need to draw up instructions for the child to buy products in the store. Type: “You go to the store, look for cane sugar, if it is not there, you buy regularly. Then you buy bread, a loaf of white and black. If there is no black, buy gray ”You will be surprised, but this kind of instruction is pure programming. Moreover, you can write to them in foreign languages. Or you can, using the syntax of a programming language in the same way as a foreign one. And another programmer will be able to understand what is written.

For those who do not believe, let’s look at the simple logic implemented in hundreds of programs. “Request the number of rows highlighted in the table. If the quantity is greater than zero, make the ‘Apply’ button active. Otherwise passive ”You can also write this algorithm in a natural native or foreign language or in a programming language.
You will also be surprised, but translating algorithms from a natural language into a programming language is the most common job. When the programmer is given the task to implement the clear logic invented by others. Conversely, a translation of programmed logic into natural language is also needed. When this “other” needs to describe how exactly the program works. Yes, that’s right, C PHP and other programming languages ​​can be perceived as special foreign ones. Math is also needed, but, as a rule, when performing some highly specialized tasks that you may never encounter. You can start without mathematical preparation.

Programming is a separate branch of science. It is related to mathematics in some way. But it can also be associated with linguistics. Certainly, certain programming technologies are connected to something else. Therefore, you can’t simply say whether you succeed or not.

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