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China Will Launch World’s First ‘Unhackable’ Computer Network


China Will Launch World’s First ‘Unhackable’ Computer Network

China is set to launch the world’s first unhackable computer network this August. Called the Jinan project, the computer network is based on quantum technology.

[Image Source: Erik Lucero/WikimediaCommons]

The development of the computer network puts China amongst the world leaders of quantum technology. The network works by using the city of Jinan as a quantum computer hub. The city is located between Beijing and Shanghai so it can enhance the Beijing-Shanghai quantum network.  

Zhou Fei, Assistant Director of the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology, says of the network, “We plan to use the network for national defense, finance, and other fields, and hope to spread it out as a pilot that if successful, can be used across China and the whole world.” He suggests the system will have a global impact.  

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