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First Ever Blueprint For Modular Quantum Computers Unveiled


First Ever Blueprint For Modular Quantum Computers Unveiled

A recent article published on February 1, 2017, in the influential Journal of Science Advances, has released a technical blueprint for building a full-scale quantum computer. The revolutionary design claims to give a manual to construct a large scale, scalable machine that is more powerful at solving problems than any other computer before.

“To scale this microwave quantum computer architecture to a large size, we present a fully scalable design that makes use of ion transport between different modules, thereby allowing arbitrarily many modules to be connected to construct a large-scale device.” says the article.

Researchers at the University of Sussex led the team from all over the world, including researchers from Google, to construct the blueprints for a machine that once built, will be able to solve problems that other computers would take millions of years to achieve.

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