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The World’s Most Interesting Wind Energy Turbines


The World’s Most Interesting Wind Energy Turbines

Wind power remains one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world, rivaled only by solar power. Utilizing big turbines designed for high-efficiency power conversion, wind farms convert a mild breeze into actual electrical power for your home. What are the most interesting wind energy turbines in the world?

Let’s take a quick tour of some of the notable examples across the globe. We have explored current installations and turbine designs that we consider to be worthy of the title of “most interesting.”

[Image Source: Pixabay]

Wind Farms
Wild Horse Wind Farm – Kittitas County, Washington, USA

This facility comprises of 127 turbines over an area of 348Km2 (86,000 acres) of which the farm itself only occupies 0.66 km2 (165 acres).

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